Ambulance Billing Services

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Ambulance Billing

Ambulance plays a huge role in offering a patient with immediate medical care and acting as the right medium to ensure that they get treatment on-time from an established hospital. Running an ambulance service is not a child’s play as it involves lots of complications. We at Bristol Healthcare Services are here to help ambulance service providers with their billing process so that they can focus on providing the best of paramedic service. The services we offer as a part of Mental Health billing services are:

  1. Ambulance Billing
  2. Ambulance Payment Capture
  3. Integration with ePCR
  4. Follow-up with Unpaid Dues
  5. Detailed Report Generation
  6. Advanced Analytics
There are 4 sub-specializations of Ambulance Billing for which we offer our specialty medical billing services and they are:

  • First Responders Without Transport
  • False Alarm Handling
  • Membership Programs Management
  • Fire Inspection Management

Ambulance billing needs to adhere to a completely different set of norms and rules, and we have experts who are well versed with all of them. Our trained staff can provide a comprehensive Ambulance billing service that will enable you to be paid on-time by the insurance companies.